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Who are we?

 Casa Anafre is a Mexican animation studio located in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico, born from a passion for telling stories and bringing original, transcendental and creative ideas to life. We aim for producing quality content that inspire us to be better people.


What do we do?

We specialize in 2D animation. From cut out to full animation, through limited animation and traditional animation.


We also do the sound for audovisual productions. We bring them to life through sound design and original music.


Looking for animated content?

We animate it! We can help you with your commercial, intro, music video, advertisement, banner, animation for your page, etc. Quote your project. Contact us!


Do you have an idea?

Casa Anafre brings ideas to life. If you have an idea, script, comic, etc., that you want to see animated, get in touch with us.

Story and Experience

Animation Studio Casa Anafre was founded in 2011 by Rodolfo Collado and Laura Medina, both animators seeking to create a studio to produce quality animated content.

Our team has collaborated in various projects with international presence for Ánima Estudios, Átomo Films, Fotosíntesis Media, LFamilia del Barrio, No Budget Animation, My Story Animated, Tec de Monterrey, Free Fire, among others.


We are a Mexican animation studio that seeks to transmit value, fulfill dreams and inspire people to be better through quality animated work and content.


To be a leading animation company by building a supportive team recognized for our contribution to the community and the way we tell stories and give life to new, innovative, transcendental and creative ideas.



Animación Casa Anafre
Animador Tlaloc
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