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Poster Epidemia de Melancolía Tony Sandoval Corto Animado Ciencia Ficción Premios Ganador Miradas Locales
Poster Epidemic of Melancolic Tony Sandoval Animated Short film Sci-Fi Awards Laurels Winner Festival Miradas Locales

Animation Studio

Casa Anafre

Cooking Animation

We are a Mexican animation studio located in Toluca City, State of Mexico. We've participated in important national and international projects and contests, so we have an extensive experience and trajectory.

We are motivated to produce quality animated content. We are very passionate about story telling. Here we bring to life transcendental, creative and original stories that inspire us to be better people.

Examples of our work:


Full Animation

It's the process of animating frame by frame. In general, very detailed drawings are used along with plausible movement, resulting in high-quality animation.

Cut Out

Animation with figure cutouts. It's made using flat figures, usually in the Adobe Animate software and using 2D digital puppets called "rigs".

Limited Animation

Production in which the movements are simplified, animation cycles are reused and it's animated at a lower rate, but maintaining the same narrative effect as a full animation production.

Experimental Animation

Animation of free expression using several mixed techniques. It seeks to be innovative and unconventional in both narrative and technique.

Sound Design

Manipulation of a set of sound effects, music and voices that are recorded and edited to give life to an audiovisual production.


Compose, record and produce original music to accompany and give life and identity to an audiovisual production.


Short animations in a gif format that can be used for any purpose.


Traditional Animation

A very smooth type of animation in with we draw using pemcil and paper. It is hand drawn with up to 24 frames per second.

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